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Triumbari Corp. is a blow moulding manufacturer of PET containers, primarily servicing the beverage industry. We have over 100 stock PET containers, and we both design and produce custom PET containers for a variety of uses, not limited to beverage-use, and serving many different industries.


Triumbari Corp. has been serving The US and Canada for over 20 years, and offers unmatched expertise and guidance. Our blow moulding machines are state of the art and produce high quality finished goods.


Triumbari Corp. seeks to provide high quality service, with specialization on a per-project basis, in an economically feasible fashion. Going into the future we look to maintain our consistency and track record of high quality bottles.


We specialize in customization and product design. From design, to launch, Triumbari Corp. will help you throughout the entire process, including the shipment of finished goods.


Our state of the art manufacturing facility, strategically located near Toronto, Ontario, Canada, allows for ease of access into the North Eastern, Mid Southern and Mid Western states as well as Eastern and Central Canada.

Our Stock


Our stock bottle sizes range from 250 ml to 8 liters. We offer clear, blue, green, and amber stock PET bottles for immediate use. Through our relationships with colorant suppliers; we have the ability to offer a large range of colours to fit our customers’ unique needs. In addition to colour, we can produce a variety of custom and unique PET containers for the food and beverage industry, beauty industry, pharmaceutical industry, medical industry, household item industry, etc.